Two Things About SEO You Need To Forget This 2015

For all companies specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Information Technology (IT), the year 2014 was a bit rough to be honest. But bad rumours about new updates keep on rolling forever.


Now imagine this grid rolling and rolling forever…

There were no real updates so far. Well, probably not except for Google’s upcoming mobile-oriented update.

So now, as the year 2015 started off with a real, big bang of bad information. Many experts have had discussions about it, which probably included if Google needed more images or if videos weren’t really doing anything.

So, we have come up with some recognitions and probable solutions. It’s start on the right foot (or whichever foot you want). The industry is running on some bad myths right now and though most have been said, they bear repeating. Let’s end this “he said, she said” myths, namely two major ones.

Myth 1: SEO Is Cheap

When you hire an SEO expert, you are not just hiring someone who is going to change a few titles tags, throw up some links, and tweet a bit. It’s a big deal, alright?

We want to tell you that it is cheaper than broadcasting your commercials in TV. But cheap isn’t exactly the word for it. This industry that requires its practitioners (us, and other companies) to keep up our research and metric measurements on a daily basis.

To ensure our integrity (and profitability, mind you), monitoring and analysing all the changes to algorithms and tools and just what is the next thing in website visibility is our daily job.

And yes, you’ve read it right. It means daily changes; updates and more information are coming. This means we are constantly reading, testing, asking, and working.

Yes. This is a live snapshot of one of our researchers.

Yes. This is a live snapshot of one of our researchers.

Myth 2: The SEO Position Does Not Matter

I didn't sign up for this position!

I didn’t sign up for this position!

Always remember, it really DOES matter when you are in the SEO industry, folks. What we mean to say is that, if your PR ranking is at 1, you’re likely to be seen by most people. If you’ve got a PR ranking of 10 (or junk, as we call it in the office), then there’s really no sense for you not to hire a specialist to help you.

Remember, you need site traffic. Google wants people to visit and see your website flourishing with public activity.

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