How To Install Curtains: A Guide

curtains installationTaking measurements is an essential step when you want to install curtains. To take the measurements before you set sail, you have to take into account different parameters.

– The size of the window
– The distance between the rod and the ceiling
– The distance between the wall and the future rod

To measure the size of the window, you must define the width and height of the windows + chassis. These dimensions will be the ones you will use for all your calculations.

To set the minimum length of the rod, you must take the measure of the width of your window + at least 15 cm on each side. Imagine that your window is 180 cm including screws, your rod should have a minimum length of 210 cm.

To define the length of a rod intended for a windbreak installation, you must calculate the width of a window + the width of the window pillars of this window – 2 cm on each side. For a window of 100 cm including uprights, 100 cm – 4 cm = 96 cm. The rods will be attached to the amounts of the moving part of the window.

A rod hangs traditionally about 15 cm above the windows. However, the current fashion is at a collision as high as possible to give an impression of grandeur. The rod should be shifted 7 cm from the wall. Be careful though if you have shutter boxes, you will have to take them into account. We will calculate 7 cm in addition to the boxes if you fix the rod to the wall. Or simply 7 cm if you attach the rod to the box (which is often the case for the central fixation).

Calculate the size of the curtains

The height of the curtain must be calculated from the point of attachment up to 2 cm from the ground if you wish long. Be careful, if you choose to finish a rod tunnel (fold the fabric to slide the rod), it will count this extra length of fabric.

The width of the sheer will depend on the rake effect you want. For a light gathering count one and a half times the width of your windows, for more pronounced folds you can go up to 3 times the width of your window. Remember that the dimensions include the bolts.

Choose curtain clips

For the making of your curtains, you have the choice between different fasteners. If aesthetics are important, the practical side should also influence your choice.

– The eyelet curtains allow a simple handling of curtains. The grommets, whether wood or aluminum glide perfectly on the rod. To ask them, it is better to have your curtains made by a professional.

– The rufl├Ętes system is simple because sewn directly on the curtains, but it takes a lot of time to hang the multiple hooks that hold it to the rail. Think that it will be necessary to do this operation every time you have to remove your curtains. When cleaning them for example.

– Easy enough to handle, the legs themselves, allow to customize the sheers if you choose a different material or color.

Fix the curtains

Good to know: it is much easier to lay curtains for two. You can take your time to put your rod or rail level.

The choice of fabric and fasteners made, the measures taken, there remains only the installation. If you are wondering how to install curtains, know that it’s pretty simple.

Insert a rod or a rail

You will need the following tools:

– A drill + ankle + screw
– A screwdriver or a screwdriver
– A stepladder
– A meter
– A level
– A pencil

Your rod must be perfectly centered. It must therefore exceed the same number of centimeters on each side of the window. A rod is sold with two or three brackets depending on the length (the very long models will have more).

For a model with two brackets, you will have to fix each support 7 cm from the end of the rod. For example, a rod of 2 meters will see the first support at 7 cm and the last at 193 cm. However, consider the size of your tips. Some very imposing models require a little more space. From now on, leave a few more inches on each side.

Mark with a pencil where you will drill the first hole (7 cm outside the window, therefore). Drill the hole and install the first attachment. Pass the rod in the fixing and put there level. This is where the second person steps up or down the rod until you find the level point. Mark the second point of drilling for the outer leg and if necessary the central drilling location. Screw the fastener.

After installing your curtains on the rod, you can put the rod by letting it overtake an equal distance on each side of the fasteners and put the end caps. Some fittings rods are screwed, others to fit.

For the net curtains, simply install two small hooks in the amounts of your windows. Set the desired height before drilling, then fix the first hook 2 cm from the end of the outside jamb of the window. To place the second hook, attach the rod to the first hook and find the level point to be able to place the second hook.

Installing a ceiling rail is quite simple. Draw a line in pencil along the length of the rail. For this, define the place of the first point thinking that the rail will have to exceed the same number of cm on each side of the window. Connect the two dots in pencil. Place the rail from the first point. Get help to keep the rail in position over time as you mark the location of the various drill holes. Once this is complete, drill at each marked location, insert the dowels, and replace the rail. Secure it by screwing it. Insert all the hooks to which you will hang your curtains.

Here you are, wondering how to install curtains? Now, you know-all, it’s up to you!

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