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For 2015, Watch Your Content And Develop Them Carefully [Infographic]

Back in 2012, content just needed to be consistent and unique. The continuous update of Google had many online marketers prioritise the use of high quality content instead of betting it all on SEO.

But then again, we smell a bit of trouble. If we’re to apply the ideas here, we’re also going to need to deal with Google’s Mobilegeddon. While it hasn’t spelled the end for most websites, just like how Panda and other updates shut down highly-ranked websites a few years back, it would help to be aware.

If you haven’t updated your website to work on smaller phones, which is expected to grow by 90.1% in 2017, then there’s a big chance that competitors could swallow you up. We suggest you do and we believe we know how to help you to make it a more effective gamechanger for your online marketing.

Then, we could apply the strategies listed here.


Meanwhile, it pays to always be unique. It also pays to diversify all your content options.

There are a great many ways to make your blog professional, entertaining and engaging all at the same time.


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The cutest Internet marketing consultants ever.

The cutest Internet marketing consultants ever.

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